Library Board

Skaneateles Library – Adult Fiction Stacks

About the Library Board

The Library Board is composed of community members who serve to ensure the future success of the library.

The main functions of the Library Board are to set library policies, maintain the financial health of the library and uphold the library’s mission.

The Skaneateles Library Association Board of Trustees holds regularly scheduled monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM at Skaneateles Library in Library Hall (upstairs).

Skaneateles Library Association Board of Trustees

Skaneateles Library – Library Hall

Danette Davis, President
Dave Graham, Vice President
Laurie Spencer, Secretary
Andrew Hagen, Treasurer
Karen Morrissey Bedard
Paula Conan
Scott Elia
Susanne Guske
Dave Hempson
Amanda Latreille
Dave Lee
Bob Lotkowictz
Todd Marshall
Peg Whitehouse

Do you have ideas to share with us on how to create the best future for the library? Please email us at