Exploring the Library’s Future

The library appreciates the strong community support of its mission and future. As we plan for the library’s future, the Skaneateles Library Board of Trustees is actively seeking potential new locations to consider for the library. A committee has been formed to identify and evaluate new potential sites for the library.

Concurrently, we will be developing new designs for renovation of the current building.

Community members can find the most accurate and timely information about the library building on this page.


1.  Why can’t the library just stay in the current building? Why can’t you just renovate the current building?

The current building does not adequately meet our community’s current needs, nor will it be able to meet future needs. While we are continuing to explore any possible renovation options to make the current location work, challenges still exist in every feasible scenario that’s been developed thus far. That is why the Board is evaluating potential new sites for the library, while also exploring options for renovating and expanding the current building.

2.  Has anyone offered a building or land to the library?

We are currently exploring the idea of using the Village bays year-round for sorting and selling used books that are donated to the library. We have not received any offers for new locations for the library.

3.  Who is on the committee? Can members of the community join the committee?

The committee to evaluate potential new locations for the library is made up of select Board members, as well as professional architects Paul Mays and Dave Nutting. The committee may choose to ask community members to join this effort once some initial research and discussion has been completed.

For now, we encourage community members to share any positive ideas to help us create the best future for a long-lasting asset in our community library by emailing us at feedback@skaneateleslibrary.org.

4. What about the Learning Center?

We are no longer considering dedicated physical space or a separate “Learning Center” organization. However, we feel strongly that there is value in bringing educational programming to our community beyond what the library is currently able to offer. We are exploring how this can be done, independent of whether we move or stay.

5.  I am worried about what will happen to the current library building if you move. 

The Board takes very seriously our commitment to the current building and its significance in this community, and we are actively exploring options for potential future use.

In fact, the Board passed a resolution in September 2016 that includes the stipulation that we will fully examine the opportunities to bring a civic or culturally beneficial organization to the current space IF the decision is made to move to a new location.