goLibrary Locker

Introducing goLibrary at the Skaneateles YMCA! 

We know you’re busy. Sometimes you only have a few minutes to pick up your library materials, or maybe you can’t make it in during our regular hours.

So we’ve made it even easier to use the library with the new goLibrary at the Skaneateles YMCA and Community Center! goLibrary features a unique locker system that allows you to pick-up your holds and return materials any time the YMCA is open.

And it’s really easy. Watch this short video about how goLibrary works:

Just the FAQs:

How can I use goLibrary to pick up holds?

When placing your hold online, by phone or in-person, simply choose Skaneateles YMCA as your pick-up location, just as you would normally select a library.

When will the library deliver to the YMCA?

We’ll deliver to the YMCA every weekday by 4 PM. If you’d like to know if your items are on their way, you can give us a call or check your account online.

How will I know when my hold is ready?

You’ll be notified that your materials are ready for pick-up in the same way you are now – either by phone or email.

How long do I have to pick up my materials? 

As of now, you have 7 days from the date of the notification. There’s a chance this may change in the future, depending on demand.

How do I check out my goLibrary holds? 

It’s quick and easy! Just touch Collect Items on the touchscreen in the locker, scan your library card (or type in the barcode), touch Open All  and a locker door will pop open. The locker will contain all of your holds, which are automatically checked out to you. The locker will print a receipt with your items and their due dates.

What if I don’t want one of my holds? 

No problem. Just return it in the drop box in the locker.

Is there a limit to how many items I can pick up at goLibrary? 

Not at this time. If your materials won’t fit in one locker, a second one will be used if it’s available.

Are there certain items that I can’t have delivered to goLibrary?

Yes. Some items are too big to fit in the lockers, such as Book Club Bags and Early Literacy Kits; those items won’t be able to be placed on hold for the YMCA. If we receive an item that won’t fit in a locker, we’ll notify you and you’ll be able to pick it up at the library.

If I check out items at goLibrary, does that mean I have to return them there, too?

You can return items checked out at goLibrary to the Skaneateles Library, the Byrne Dairy book drop or any OCPL library.

Can I return any items to goLibrary? 

Sure! You may return any OCPL library materials to goLibrary, regardless of where you checked them out. However, oversized items may not fit through the slot. Please return those to the library.

I’m not a YMCA member. Can I still use goLibrary?

Absolutely! goLibrary is located right inside the entrance, so you won’t need a membership to get to it.

What if I have questions?

goLibrary isn’t staffed, but please call the Skaneateles Library at 685-5135 if you need any help.

Where is the YMCA and what are their hours?

The Skaneateles YMCA and Community Center is located at 97 State Street. Their regular hours are:

Monday thru Friday: 5:30 AM to 9:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday: 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM